Our brands


Crafted with pure cane sugar, there’s something for everyone in our line of tropical beverages. Featuring full-spectrum cannabis oil, high carbonation levels and premium packaging, we consistently deliver the best of the best in flavor profiles, early-onset time and expertly balanced effects, no matter the flavor or dosage.


Born locally in California from the Salinas River Valley limestone, this is sparkling water the way that nature intended. Starting with some of the best water that the West Coast has to offer, Voila! is all about elevating the everyday. Infused with refreshing bubbles and full-spectrum cannabis extract, get your mind and body right in just a few sips—and Voila! It’s as easy as that. 


Designed for the live resin enthusiast and cannabis connoisseur alike, HAKU live resin is an indulgent experience for the senses that you will never forget. We believe that in order to harness the full potential of the cannabis plant, it should be left unaltered and stay true to the native, full-spectrum profile. 


Herbology’s flower and formulation processes create clean, potent and flavorful oils with no additives that are consistent in every batch. Whether you’re looking for a classic diesel flavor with relaxing effects, or a citrus-forward uplifting oil, we deliver unique formulations you can count on. Herbology is available in iconic strain types that are perfect for any occasion.


At Andiamo! we’re serious about great tasting coffee. Perfectly balanced and expertly paired, our K-Cups combine the bold, smoky-sweetness of French roast Arabica beans with our full-profile cannabis blend to create a new standard for full-bodied, full-spectrum cannabis beverages. Coming soon to California in THC and CBD.


Infused with authentic old-fashioned flavor, Mortimer’s takes you back to the good old days of indulgent cola with a new cannabis twist. Mortimer’s whole flower extraction formula, natural ingredients and full homogenization means you can enjoy traditional flavors with a cannabis kick any time. Launching soon in California.