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Award-Winning Cannabis into Delicious Beverages and Slushies (THC-Free) for CA Cannabis Exhibit

SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 14, 2022–The CA State Fair Cannabis Awards and Lehua Brands, the official beverage of the Awards, proudly present special edition TerpTonic beverages in collaboration with four of California’s most acclaimed cannabis cultivators. These special edition TerpTonic beverages and slushies will be available for purchase at the Lehua Brands booth (#13) within the CA Cannabis Exhibit at the CA State Fair in Expo Center Building One. Quantities may be limited.

The cultivators and their award-winning strains include two Golden Bear “Best of California” winners, Esensia Gardens (Buddha’s Hand) and Greenshock Farms (Passion Orange Guava) and two Gold Medal winners, Booney Acres (Gelonade) and Emerald Spirit Botanicals (Pink Boost Goddess).

“The CA State Fair Cannabis Awards is delighted to offer adult fairgoers the opportunity to experience these exceptional flower strains in a truly novel format,” said Cultivar Brands CEO James Leitz. “Lehua Brand’s beverages and slushies deliver the unique flavors and aromas of the plant, with enhanced CBD, but no THC. Lehua’s TerpTonics offer an ideal means to educate the consumer by experiencing the natural herbal complexity of the cannabis plant.”

TerpTonics are formulated with no artificial flavors or sweeteners and only four essential ingredients: cured resin extract derived from the freshest cannabis flower, Cirona Lab’s specialty water-soluble emulsions, pure mineral water and terpene-infused CO₂ gas.

  • Cured resin extract, TerpTonics’ core ingredient is extracted using Lehua’s patented PhenoTech CO2 extraction technology, from single-source, single-strain premium cannabis flower grown by these award-winning cultivators.

  • PhenoTech’s extraction process substantially preserves the chemical composition (a.k.a. the “chemovar”) that is native to each flower; everything unique to each strain is preserved in Lehua’s extract and each strain-specific TerpTonic.

“Lehua’s technology, knowledge and expertise, built over more than a decade of experimentation and innovation, ensure that the consumer tastes the plant, not the process,” said Jon Fitzgerald, CEO, Lehua Brands. “Our mission is to create products that push the boundaries of traditional consumer experience. True to this mission, Lehua uses science to preserve nature.

All Lehua beverages and slushies served within the CA Cannabis Exhibit were manufactured in accordance with the rules and regulations of the California Department of Cannabis Control and satisfy the State’s requirement that hemp-based products have less than 0.3% THC by weight.

About The California State Fair

The CA State Fair is an international award-winning fair, receiving top honors at the International Association of Fairs and Expositions out of more than 1,100 fairs worldwide. The CA State Fair is dedicated as a place to celebrate the best California has to offer in agriculture, technology and the diversity of its people, traditions and trends that shape the Golden State’s future. The 2022 fair will be held July 15-July 31, at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds, 1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95815. Visit www.calexpostatefair.com

About The California State Fair Cannabis Awards

On June 23, 2022, the California State Fair Cannabis Awards announced the inaugural award-winning cultivars and cultivators from throughout California. More than 300 entries were evaluated for this year’s competition. A total of 60 trophies and medals were awarded, consisting of gold and silver medals by division and category, as well as the coveted Golden Bear Award for the “Best of California” overall winners. The awards were developed in partnership between the California Exhibition & State Fair and Cultivar Brands. Visit www.castatefaircannabisawards.com

About Cultivar Brands Inc.

Cultivar Brands is a California-based strategic marketing agency specializing in cannabis travel and events Our thought leadership at the forefront of the cannabis travel trend, brand consulting and events expertise foster deep relationships within the cannabis and hemp industries.

Visit www.cultivarstrategies.com

About Lehua Brands Ltd.

Based in King City, Monterey County, Lehua is a licensed manufacturer and distributor of award-winning cannabis products. These include Olala craft sodas, VOILA! sparkling water, TerpTonic single-strain tonics, Herbology, HAKU Blue and HAKU Red vape cartridges, and soon-to-be-released TIKI Blast 100mg high-potency elixir. PhenoTech Inc., a wholly owned technology company, specializes in manufacture and sale of ingredients including, but not limited to, extracts and water-soluble emulsions in exclusive partnership with Cirona Labs. Visit www.lehuabrands.com

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