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Haku Does Cool Things With Cannabis Plants

Haku Live Resin Process

The Brand Name

Girl with Haku Lei Po’o ceremonial headdress

Haku is inspired by renowned cannabis scientist Randy Reed and the oil makers' Hawaiian heritage. Haku is a unique way of weaving flowers together into ceremonial necklaces (Leis), and the flower crowns Haku Lei Po’o.

Randy chose the word Haku to represent the concentrate brand because Haku evokes the spirit of the cannabis plant and his lab's unique ability to fully capture the true expressions of the cultivar in its native form.

His novel extraction philosophy and experience have given him a deep understanding of the plant. It takes a certain breadth of knowledge to be able to weave fresh flowers into a premium concentrate product like Haku....much like weaving a Haku Lei

Brand Essence

Native, Organic, Natural, Effeminate (like the cannabis plant itself), Spiritual, Idealistic, Clean, Sunkissed, Authentic, High quality.

Brand Story

The Haku brand is an indulgent experience for the senses. It’s the botany of desire. It’s about pheno hunting in the field, sourcing and selecting only the finest sun-grown cannabis for unique traits only discovered by being in the field. It’s about respect for the farmer, the land (aina) and the plant, preserving the intent in all of these elements to bring out the ultimate expression of terroir. Science, artistry, and kinship w/ farmers combine to create concentrates never seen before.

Randy has literally traveled thousands of miles and spent countless hours in the field sourcing the finest sun-grown and indoor flowers for Haku. The story of Haku is a story of soil to oil, a farm-fresh to pharma grade, it’s a story of passion and the pursuit of perfection.

When you inhale Haku concentrates it’s like waking up on a beautiful Hawaiian morning in the mountains; floral and fruity smells ride cool trade winds that have traveled past plumeria, papaya, and mango trees nearby. You notice and smell the fresh dew on hibiscus flowers as you walk out to your tropical garden of pakalolo (cannabis in Hawaiian) bathing in the sun. Your endocannabinoid system is suddenly awake and invigorated. You take a deep breath as you gaze at your garden of fresh cannabis flowers and exhale pure joy.

Brand attributes

The red in the Haku brand is inspired by the anthocyanin or polyphenols found in cannabis, pictured to the left below. The blue is meant to evoke the “Fresh frozen” live resin process that happens at ultra-low temperatures -80c. pictured below where dry ice is often used to “crash” fresh-cut, fresh-packed cannabis to ultra-low temps in rapid time.

Haku is fresh, poised, natural, flowing, organic, creative, sexy, luscious, rich, alive. Our oil is clean, refined, balanced yet complex, cannabis flavor-rich and uniquely efficacious, and satisfyingly potent. Haku is intensely floral, dank, gassy, or sweet, confident, creative and attractive - tropical colors like deep reds and vibrant blues, as well as various shades of tropical green hues. Vivid artwork that communicates a feeling of freshness and premium quality.

Brand strategy/positioning

Haku Resin

For flower lovers and concentrate lovers alike. Full-spectrum ahead! We'd like to use the Haku brand to address and hold the mid to upper shelf for vape carts as a category all up.

We want to attract the quality-conscious concentrate and flower consumer that is seeking a flower-like vape experience. The dabber is familiar w/ dabble live resin and is looking for a similar quality experience in a vape pen. We will use a combination of beautiful macro imagery, terpene, and cannabinoid-rich oils and compelling pricing. Specifically, we want to target Raw Garden, Jetty, Friendly Farms, Bloom, Fei/d, Legion of Bloom.

Randy says… “Always be sampling and sharing” as a nod to the industry's heritage of sharing and connecting through cannabis. We will sample aggressively using our bold packaging and high-quality AVD cartridge. Haku is about rising the tide, not throwing shade. It’s about community, culture, and class. It’s about respecting our heritage and envisioning and evoking a brighter future. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished yet realize we have so much further to go. We respect our competitors and advocate for our customers.

Learn More about Haku Products

Haku Brand Logo

HAKU Live Resin is an indulgent experience for the sense and is specifically designed for the Live Resin enthusiast and flower connoisseur alike.

Full Spectrum Pure Live Resin

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