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This is a new kind of buzz. Olala’s fast-acting craft sodas are bursting with flavor and a robust fizz. These non-alcoholic, full spectrum live resin Cannabis infused beverages are created with pure cane sugar and vibrant artisanal flavors.

This is a beverage defined by its function: refreshing, uplifting and mild. With low dose THC and CBD, and zero sugar, VOILA! offers a sense of ease to both the mind and body. Subtle herbal notes are carefully balanced with the sweet essences of fruit, infused with sun grown full spectrum cannabis extractions, and expertly carbonated for a crisp finish.
Voila beverages are for the modern consumer seeking a light effect without sacrificing great taste.

CBD Expo | 2021 First Place: “Best in Show CBD Beverage”

Pure oil starts with pure ingredients, which is why we exclusively use organic sun-grown cannabis from Northern California. These plants are tested regularly to ensure that they’re free from pesticides, microbials and other harmful contaminants. Smoking Sección ensures that our curated collection of vapes will provide an amazing overall experience to users.

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